As a celebration for the new era "Reiwa"
We are offering 2 Mayor Campaigns for the New Supporting Members=Reception has been closed=

Organized by: Iwate International Association

2019.05.01 (Wed)   
From First year of Reiwa (2019), May to Second year of Reiwa (2020), March

Since Iwate International Association was established in the first year of Heisei, we will conduct a special campaign for the new supporting
members from May 1 to March, celebrating the changing of the new Era.

Target:New Supporting Members From First year of Reiwa (2019), May to Second year of Reiwa (2020), March

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●New Supporting Member Membership Campaign●

①English Chat Cafe invitation tickets!
After the "Chatland English Corner", you can enjoy an English conversation with foreign guest speakers!
Participation in Chatland is not required.
〇Date and Time〇
Every first saturday (15:00~16:00)
First year of Reiwa (2019) 6/1,7/6,8/3,9/7,10/5,11/2,12/7
Second year of Reiwa (2020) 2/1,3/7

〇How to apply for "Chat Cafe"〇

・ The new supporting members will receive 3 invitation tickets from Iwate International Association (one ticket per person).
・ Reservations are available from the previous month until 17:00 on the previous day of the Chat Cafe event.
For the reservations, please contact bellow.
・ Don't forget to bring the invitation ticket on the event day.
・ Because the invitation ticket is available to other than the supporting member, please feel free to participate with your family or friends.
※The target for the Chat Cafe are new supporting members or supporting members who introduced two or more new members, so please be careful.
・Capacity:10 (Target age:from Junior High school and above)

◆What is "Chat Cafe"?

"Chat Cafe" is a gathering event where you can speak with a native english speaker who lives in Iwate Prefecture. It is an event for new members who are willing to enjoy casual English conversations!
In addition to the regular free talk, we will have some pronunciation lessons and slang expressions recommended for beginners.
As well as some lessons based on broken english expressions used in daily life.

②"Chatland International Exchange Event, Cultural Presentation" Priority application
We establish an special priority application frame for supporting members in commemoration of the new era "Reiwa".
※Not only the new members but also for the continuing members are available to used it.
※Please note that the frame is limited.
※For the reservations, please contact bellow.

●For more information about the Supporting Members, please look at the following link、Iwate International Association - Supporting Members and Donations.

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