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International Exchange and Cooperation – Search for a Lecturer/Request an Interpreter or Translator

・ “I want someone to introduce their native food or culture at a school or at a local event.”
・ “I want to request an interpreter or translator.”
If one of the above applies to you, please come talk to us!


If you are a foreigner and want to request a volunteer interpreter or translator to help
you in your personal life, you can apply to use the Multilingual Supporter System.

 We can search for a lecturer, translator or interpreter who best fits your needs
 using the Iwate International Network. (On a non-volunteer basis: payment required.)
 Also, if there is no scheduling conflict, we can dispatch Iwate exchange student
 ambassadors and/or CIRs with the Foreign Culture Lecturer Project
 ※ With requests for translators and interpreters for commercial basis, we may introduce
   you to suitable professionals in the community.

ProjectPurposeNationalityPaymentTransportation Fee
▶ Iwate International Network  
About 220 Japanese and foreign people registered.
They are registered as having specialties such as international understanding, cultural education, translation and interpretation.
There are also people available to work as facilitators at events such as international understanding workshops.


Iwate International Association
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