■【Earthquake Information】Charity Donations

 ・Charity Donations for Iwate
 ・Donation for individual towns in Iwate

■ Charity Donations for Iwate

■ Charity Donations for the Great Tohoku Earthquake Disaster

Those who want to make a direct contribution to Iwate Prefectural victims and affected areas from overseas can make a bank transfer to the following location.

at-link.gif Bank Transfer Account Information

Bank Transfer Account Information Bank
(JPN: 銀行名)
The Bank of Iwate, Ltd(JPN: 岩手銀行)
BranchKencho Branch(JPN: 県庁支店)
Branch No.009
Account No.009-2016634
Beneficiary’s Name (JPN: 口座名義)Iwate Prefecture Disaster Relief Charity Committee
(JPN: 岩手県災害義援金募集委員会)
Beneficiary’s address/ Telephone Number
(JPN: 住所/電話番号)
Japan, Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Uchimaru 10-1
Office of Health and Welfare Planning
Iwate Prefectural Government
Phone :019-629-5408

(However, please remember that there may be bank charges involved with transferring money overseas)

at-link.gif Issuance of Receipts

For those that require a receipt for their charitable donation, please download the following form : 【Form:The Issuance of Receipts for Bank Transfers】

Fill out your address, name, transfer account information, and amount of money donated. Then send that form by mail, fax, or email to the Office of Health and Welfare Planning of the Iwate Government (the address is written below).

at-link.gif Distribution of Charitable Donations

We will form a separate committee that will decide how to distribute charity funds.

at-link.gif Contact

  Iwate Prefecture Disaster Relief Charity Committee
  〒020-8570 Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Uchimaru 10-1
  Office of Health and Welfare Planning, Iwate Prefectural Government
  TEL 019-629-5408  FAX 019-629-5419
  Email AD0001@pref.iwate.jp

■ Donation for individual towns in Iwate

at-link.gif List of Bank Transfer Donation Accounts of Individual Towns
(as of April 5, 2011)

Town NameBank NameAccount NumberAccount Name (JPN, romaji, ENG)Questions
MoriokaBank of Iwate - Morioka City Hall Branch(Normal) 2014584東北地方太平洋沖地震盛岡市義援金口
Tohoku Chihou Taiheiyou Okijishin Morioka-shi Gienkin-guchi
Tohoku Earthquake Morioka Donation Account
Accounting Division
TEL: (rep)019-651-4111 (ext. 2217-2219)
HanamakiBank of Iwate - Hanamaki Branch(Normal) 2012179花巻市災害義援金
Hanamaki-shi Saigai Gienkin
Hanamaki Disaster Donations
General Affairs Division
TEL: (rep) 0198-24-2111
KitakamiBank of Iwate - Kitakami Branch(Normal) 2088232北上市災害対策本部義援金口
Kitakami-shi Saigai Taisaku Honbu Gienkin-guchi
Kitakami Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters Donation Account
Accounting Division
TEL: (rep) 0197-64-2111
 (Victims Donation)
Bank of Iwate - Ichinoseki Branch(Normal) 2067004一関市災害義援金
Ichinoseki-shi Saigai Gienkin
Ichinoseki Disaster Donations (to victims)
Accounting Division
TEL: (rep) 0191-21-2111
 (City Donation)Bank of Iwate - Ichinoseki Branch(Normal) 2067013一関市災害寄付金
Ichinoseki-shi Saigai Kifukin
Ichinoseki Disaster Donations (to city)
HiraizumiBank of Iwate - Hiraizumi Branch(Normal) 2014910平泉町災害義援金
Hiraizumi-chou Saigai Gienkin
Hiraizumi Disaster Donations
Citizen's Welfare Division
TEL: 0191-46-5562
OfunatoBank of Iwate - Ofunato Branch(Normal) 2052381大船渡市災害義援金
Ofunato-shi Saigai Gienkin Ofunato
Disaster Donations
RikuzentakataBank of Iwate - Takata Branch(Normal) 2044626陸前高田市災害対策本部
Rikuzentakata-shi Saigai Taisaku Honbu
Rikuzentakata Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters
KamaishiBank of Iwate - Kamaishi Branch(Normal) 2046292釜石市地震災害義援金
Kamaishi-shi Jishin Saigai Gienkin
Kamaishi Earthquake Disaster Donations
OtsuchiBank of Iwate - Otsuchi Branch(Normal) 2037777大槌町災害義援金
Otsuchi-chou Saigai Gienkin
Otsuchi Disaster Donations
MiyakoBank of Iwate - Miyako Chuo Branch(Normal) 2093134宮古市災害義援金
Miyako-shi Saigai Gienkin
Miyako Disaster Donations
YamadaBank of Iwate - Yamada Branch(Normal) 2036476山田町大地震災害義援金
Yamada-chou Daijishin Saigai Gienkin
Yamada Great Earthquake Disaster Donations
Kita Nippon Bank - Yamada Branch(Normal) 7014003
IwaizumiBank of Iwate - Iwaizumi Branch(Normal) 2023749岩泉町災害義援金
Iwaizumi-chou Saigai Gienkin
Iwaizumi Disaster Donations
Kita Nippon Bank - Iwaizumi Branch(Normal) 7011833
TanohataKita Nippon Bank - Iwaizumi Branch(Normal) 7011834田野畑村災害義援金
Tanohata-mura Saigai Gienkin
Tanohata Disaster Donations
Accounting Division
TEL: (rep) 0194-34-2111
KujiBank of Iwate - Kuji Chuo Branch(Normal) 2057188久慈市地震災害義援金
Kuji-shi Jishin Saigai Gienkin
Kuji Earthquake Disaster Donations
Social Welfare Division
TEL: 0194-52-2119
FudaiBank of Iwate - Nogawa Branch(Normal) 2018960普代村地震災害義援金
Fudai-mura Jishin Saigai Gienkin
Fudai Earthquake Disaster Donations
NodaBank of Iwate - Noda Branch(Normal) 2018951野田村災害義援金
Noda-mura Saigai Gienkin
Noda Disaster Donations