■【Earthquake Information】

■ Earthquake Information of Iwate

  1. Disaster Information (Summary)
  2. "Thanks" messages from visitors to the world

  3. To Foreign Residents
     ・Distribution of Windup Radios
     ・Iwate International Association‘Consultation for Foreigners'
     ・Tokyo English Life Line : TELL
     ・Multicultural Clinic (Tabunka Gairai)

  1. Daily Life(Housing、Communications、Utilities etc.)
     ・Disaster Community FM
     ・Listening to the Radio on Your PC

  1. Education
     ・Ashinaga Scholarship Association Special One-time Scholarship
     ・Scholarship from the Association for Orphans of Automobile Accidents

  1. Consultation
     ・Iwate Bar Association – Eastern Japan Earthquake Phone Consultation
     ・Iwate Bar Association – Free Legal Consultation (6 coastal municipalities)
     ・Women’s Mental Care Hotline Iwate

  1. Charity Donations
     ・Charity Donations for Iwate
     ・Donation for individual towns in Iwate

  • ■ Relevant Sites

  1. Iwate Prefecture Facebook