Looking back on the 20th Century - To survive the 21st-

Host: Iwate International Association

2011.12.11 (Sun)   14:00~16:00 / Venue: Conference Room 501, 5F Aiina


No.8 "Looking back on the 20th Century - To survive the 21st

Speaker:Atsushi Ando   /  Iwate International Association -Chief Director 

The 20th Century is a long century that spans 4 Japanese eras - Meiji (M34-45), Taisho, Shouwa, and Heisei (H1-12).
In 20th Century opinion, the 20th Century can be summed up as a period of war and revolution, and in most cases, can be discussed with the history of Japanese politics at the heart of it. But behind all that, there was a high-level of development in scientific technology, and an industrial society that resulted from that. Also, there is a deep cultural history, and also pyschohistorical problems.
Now that we are looking towards recovery, let's take another look at what the 20th Century was like. Let's not reminisce for nostalgia's sake, but to survive the 21st Century.

□ Venue : Conference Room 501, 5F Aiina
□ Date : 11th December 2011 (Sun)
□ Time : 14:00~16:00
□ Fee : FREE
□ Aimed at : high school age and higher
□ Capacity : 50 people
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