Recruiting Volunteers for the 2011 One World Festa!

Host: Iwate International Association

How would you like to volunteer for out International Exchange Event, One World Festa!!
It doesn't matter your age, experience or language ability! Let's make this a fun event together!

□ Event Details : For details about the program's planning, preparation and running on the day
 please come along to our first meeting.
□ Event Date : 4th December (Sun) Place: 4~5F, Aiina
□ Conditions : You must come along to our meetings (first Sunday of every month, in the afternoon)
 help with preparations for each program and participate on the day
□ Application Deadline : Friday 2nd September
□ How to Apply : Please fill out the application form below and send to us by email or fax.
□ Other : 
The first meeting will be held on
Sunday 4th Septmeber 14:00~16:00, in Group Activities Rooms 2, 6F Aiina.

■ Inquiries
  Iwate International Association (contact: Miya)
  International Exchange Center, 5F Aiina, 1-7-1 Moriokaeki Nishidori, 020-0045
  TEL 019-654-8900  FAX 019-654-8922