Spend Time with an International Resident: International Center “Friday Night English Night”

Host: Iwate International Association

2015.06.19 (Fri)   18:30-19:30 / Venue: Aiina 5th floor, Iwate International Center

You can`t know everything there is to know about the United States at just one event! This time, we`re going to hear from guest Yumie Cho about her home state California. Then, there will be some time to speak with native English speakers.

This event is a must for those of you who really want a chance to use English but don`t get many opportunities to have a conversation!

◇Date and time: June 19th, 2015 (Fri) 18:30-19:30
◇Place : Aiina 5th floor, inside Iwate International Center, Conference Room 501A
◇Fee : Free
◇Number of participants : Up to 40 people ※Reservation needed.

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■Applications, Inquiries:
Iwate International Association
Aiina 5th Floor 
1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
For inquiries via phone and e-mail see this link ⇒ Contact Information