50th Anniversary of Migration to Paraguay Iguazu Commemorative Exhibition and the 40th Anniversary of the Argentina Iwate Association "Living in the New World (South America)"

Host: Iwate International Association

2011.08.06 (Sat)   ~30th September (Fri)  Place: 5F Aiina International Exchange Center

A number of Japanese, including many Japanese from Iwate, moved to South America, some 20,000km south-east of Japan.
The jumped right into a different culture, and overcame numerous troubles, so let's look back on the history of those before us who lived in the new world of South America.

□ Date : 6th August (Sat) ~ 30th September (Fri) Everyday 9:00~21:30
□ Place : 5F Aiina, International Exchange Center
        (1-7-1 Moriokaeki Nishidori, Morioka, Iwate)
□ Exhibition Contents : ・a detailed look at migration to South America
 ・History of Japanese migration to Paraguay
 ・History of Japanese migration to Argentina
 ・About the Paraguay Iguazu Iwate Association
 ・About the Argentina Iwate Association
 ・About the connection with Iwate

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