Globalization and the Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster

Host: Iwate International Association

2011.09.25 (Sun)   Time:14:00~16:00 ※No advanced booking required - reception will take place on the day. Please come along on the day Venue: Conference Room 501, 5F Aiina

2011 Iwate Glocal College No. 1

Lecture:Globalization and the Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster
Guest Speaker:Toshiyuki Masamura - /Tohoku University Postgraduate Literature Research Professor

The mutual dependence of global scale, called "Globalization", that rapidly advanced after the second half of the 20th century. Now, you cannot discuss domestic and foreign domain without talking about politics, economics and culture. In the case of east Japan's earthquake disaster, Tohoku's factories recieved a blow and Fukushima had its nuclear power plant crisis, but this all had a global effect, and the reality of gobalization was even more so realized. On the other hand, much support and encouragement has come from overseas, the link betweent people and the ties between regions has been rediscovered, and the importance of community strength has been highlighted. We will consider how we should think and act in a world such as this.|

□ Venue: Conference Room 501, Aiina 5F
□ Date: 25th Sep 2011 (Sun)
□ Time: 14:00~16:00
□ Fee: Free
□ Aimed at: Those older than high school age
□ Places available: 50
□ Bookings: No advanced booking required. Reception will take place on the day. Please come straight to the venue

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