150th Chatland Commemorative Event, "The World is Our Friend!"

Host: Iwate International Association

2012.08.25 (Sat)   14:00~16:00 / Place: Aiina 5F Group Activity Room 1

August 2012 marks the 150th round of Chatland, started in 2002.
To commemorate this event, the Iwate International Association will be holding a party themed "The World is Our Friend!" with past Chatland #50 guest speakers from 8 different countries; Japan, Argentina, Malaysia, China, The Philippines, Romania, Canada, and Singapore. Come and have fun with people from different countries!

□ Date and Time:August 25th (Saturday) 14:00~16:00
□ Place:Aiina 6F Group Activity Room 1
□ Fee:(for refreshments) 200¥ general admission, 100¥ for supporting members, free for those middle school age and under
□ Capacity:40 Participants ※Reservations Required

■ Reservations/Inquiries
  Iwate International Association (Manager: Mrs. Yoshida)
  Iwate International Association
  Aiina 5F, 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidoori, Morioka-shi 〒020-0045
  TEL 019-654-8900  FAX 019-654-8922