The Iwate International Association is recruiting new Supporting Members for 2013!

Organization: Iwate International Association

2013.03.01 (Fri)   Until the end of May

The Iwate International Association is looking for Supporting Members who believe in the goals and objectives of the Association, and support its operations and events.
Membership dues paid by Supporting Members help fund events for the public throughout the prefecture, including international exchange, international cooperation, and multiculturalism.

Campaign Period: Until the end of May, 2013
If you become a Supporting Member within this time period, you will receive a wonderful gift!

Please contact the Association for details. ==> For the flyer click here

Yearly Membership Dues

1. Individuals: 3,000 yen
2. Organizations: 10,000 yen
3. Students: 1,000 yen

How to Sign Up

Fill out an application form and send it by mail, fax, or email, or bring it directly to the Association front desk. We will send you (or hand you) a bank transfer form that you will need to pay membership dues.

Look at all the benefits you’ll receive as a Supporting Member!

  1. You’ll receive a wonderful present if you sign up before the end of May!
  2. Attending Chatland events six times a year would cost a non-member 1,200 yen (200 yen per visit x 6 visits), but Supporting Members can attend for half price. This means it will only cost 600 yen (100 yen per visit x 6 visits)!
  3. Individuals paying membership dues will see 400 yen deducted off of their taxes!
  4. Supporting Members will receive our annual organ twice a year, a newsletter six times a year, flyers for Chatland, and other materials sent directly to their homes.
  5. Plus, you’ll receive complimentary services if you dine at cooperating ethnic restaurants!
  6. You can also get discounts on travel packages from cooperating travel agencies!

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    Iwate Prefectural Citizens Cultural Center (Aiina), 5F International Exchange Center