"Let’s Become a Supporting Member" Campaign in fiscal 2015

Organization: Iwate International Association

2015.03.01 (Sun)   -05.31

If you become a supporting member, you help international exchange, international cooperation, and multiculturalism, and invigorate local communities to create a better Iwate!

Campaign period is until the end of May,2015.

If you become a member during the Campaign you will receive a special privilege.

Click HERE to download the flyer and application form

<Privilege No 1>
A special Gift for all who become a member during the campaign.

<Privilege No 2>
For the Actual Members, if you introduce a friend and the friend become a member during the campaign both the actual member and the Friend will receive a special gift.
So please don’t forget to introduce your friends!!

<Annual Membership Fee (per person/organization)>
1. Individual – 3,000 yen
2. Organization – 10,000 yen
3. Student – 1,000 yen

<Membership Benefits>

1.Delivery of Iwate International Association publications;
  “Jien go”(newsletter), “Iwate International Exchange” (annual organ)

Members will be the first to receive announcements from the international association.

Members will receive discounts on events, seminars and lectures put on by the international association.
4.Members will receive a “Ethnic Restaurant Map.”
Upon showing your membership card you can receive special deals from participating stores.
5.Members will receive a “Travel Discount Map.”
Upon showing your membership card at participating stores, you can receive discounts on travel using select companies.
(Depending on the company you might receive a 2-3% discount from the travel price!!)
6.Members will get a tax break .

<To apply for membership>
Fill out an application form and supporting member bank transfer request and then complete the payment of the annual membership fee.
Please contact us by phone or email and provide us with your name and address. We will send you the following documents (an Iwate International Association pamphlet, flyer, and Supporting Member bank transfer request) to your home. (There will be no fee if you transfer funds through Iwate Bank, Tohoku Bank, or Kitanihon Bank.)
You can also ask for these documents at the International Exchange Center window.

Iwate International Association
Address: Aiina 5th floor, Morioka Eki Nishi Dori 1-7-1, Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
TEL 019-654-8900 FAX 019-654-8922