2016 Sponser Recruitment Program!-New Membership Campaign!(Ends 31st May)-

Sponsers who sign up for the membership between 1st April~31st May 2016 will be receiving attractive gifts!~

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(NPO)The Iwate International Exchange Association is looking for sponsers who share our spirit and would like to give support to our business. The sponsership fee will be used to support efforts towards international exchange, international cooperation, and creating a harmonious, multicultural society.

●Yearly fee●
 1. Individual: 3,000 yen per donation
 2. Group: 10,000 yen per donation
 3. Student: 1,000 yen per donation
※The membership fee is incurred on a yearly basis. We hope that you will continue to support us every year.

●Member privileges●
1.Subscription magazines from the association.
2.Promptly receive news regarding events held by the association.
3.Discounted price for events and seminars hosted by the association.
4.Special service at various partner "Ethnic Restaurants".
5.Special service at various partner tour agencies.
  (Up to 20-30% off travelling fees!)
6.Receive tax incentives.
  (For individuals, you can receive 400 yen via tax refund.)

●How to apply●
Fill in the membership application form and send it to us via mail, fax, or email.
Alternatively, you may submit the application over the counter at the association.
Afterwhich, you will receive a remittance form for the payment of membership fee.

※The charges for remittance may vary depending on the designated bank.

For more details on sponsering members, please click here.

■ Enquiries
  Iwate International Exchange Association
  〒020-0045 Iwate, Morioka, Morioka Station Nishidori 1-7-1 Aiina 5th floor
  For enquiry through phone or email,click here.