Ainna and International Exchange Center OPEN10 Anniversary Commemorative Event 『10 Discoveries For The 10th Anniversary』

Host: Iwate International Exchange Association

2016.05.08 (Sun)   10:00~16:00 / Location: Aiina 5F International Exchange Center Compound

Ainna and the International Exchange Center is hosting an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary!
The theme will be 『10 Discoveries For The 10th Anniversary』.
There will be 10 programs and exhibitions prepared for this huge event, and we will be sharing more than 10 new discoveries! Please invite your friends along to join us in this celebration ♪

◇Date and time:8th May 2016(Sun)10:00~16:00
◇Location:Aiina 5F International Exchange Center compound, and others
No fees or registration required

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・Crotian sweets
・Let's learn more about China
・My Japanese
・Talk Talk English!
・Let's talk about Japanese culture

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