Interacting Session With Foreigners『Environment×International~What Is Happening In America And China?~』

Iwate International Association

2016.06.18 (Sat)   10:30-12:00 /Location: Aiina 5F Meeting Room 501

June is the month of environmental awareness. The Iwate International Association has invited 2 guest speakers, from America and China respectively, to talk about "The Environment", on 18th June (Sat).
This is a chance for those living in Japan to think about what we can do for the environment.

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Interacting session with foreigners
 「Environment×International~What Is Happening In America And China?~


◇Date and time:18th June 2016(Sat)10:30-12:00
◇Location:Aiina 5F Within International Exchange Center, Meeting room 501
◇Vacancy:50 persons(Registration required)
◇Content:What kind of place is America Long Trail?
    ~Comparison with Michinoku Sea Breeze Trail~
    Saving the lake of Yunnan Kunming City, "Dianchi"!
    ~The Lake With Seagulls~
◇Coordinator:Mr Sasaki Akihiro (Environmental Studies Center)
Chief Director, Iwate Global Warming Preventive Action Promotion Center
◇Guest Speaker:Ms Thomas Anna(ILC Internationalization Coordinator, Oshu City)
       Mr Chen Bin(Coordinator for International Relations, Iwate Prefecture)

We look forward to your participation!

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