Updated Registration Procedure for Iwate International Supporters

A Message from the Iwate International Association

  (Posted on April 15,2017)

The Iwate International Network has been combined with our Multilingual Supporters to form a new group called “Iwate International Supporters”. We would greatly appreciate it if you registered for the new group, to continue supporting foreigners and promoting international exchange in the prefecture.

◆Available Roles◆

①Interpreter / Translator
People with a conversational language ability, or above, who can translate or interpret.
②Cultural Leader
People who can introduce the culture and customs of a foreign country (or Japan), or introduce an example of international exchange.
(e.g.Singing, musical performances and dancing of your country, introducing your culture,etc)
③ Foreign Language Teacher
People who can teach a foreign language.
(e.g. English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc.)
People who can facilitate workshops.
(e.g. Workshops on international understanding, etc.)

1.Preparing your registration
Please fill in the general “Iwate International Supporters” registration form, as well as a registration form for each role you’re applying for, and submit them by email or fax.
(You can register for multiple roles at once.)

・“Iwate International Supporters” (required)【Word】 【PDF】  【Word】 【PDF】
・①Interpreter / Translator (optional)【Word】 【PDF】  【Word】 【PDF】
・②Cultural Leader (optional) 【Word】 【PDF】  【Word】 【PDF】
・③Foreign Language Teacher (optional)【Word】 【PDF】  【Word】 【PDF】
・④ Facilitator (optional)【Word】 【PDF】  【Word】 【PDF】

2.Things to note when filling in your registration
When contacting our registered supporters, we generally use email, so please ensure that you submit an email address if you have one. Please refrain from using a cellphone address if possible, as we sometimes attach documents (PDFs, etc.) to our emails. If you do register a cell phone address, please adjust your settings to ensure that you receive emails from “@iwate-ia.or.jp”.
If you don’t have an email address, please ensure that you submit a telephone number.

■ Where to submit your registration
Iwate International Association
International Exchange Center, Aiina 5F, 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
Telephone: 019-654-8900 Fax: 019-654-8922
Contact by email ⇒ contact