2017 Iwate International Cram School 2th Winter School

Host:Iwate International Association

2018.01.20 (Sat)   10:00~16:00 /Avenue:Aiina 6F Group Activity Room2

Iwate International Association is forming a seminar targeting high-schooler and university~ student to improve their knowledge of international communication to study overbroad. The cram
school we`ve prepared for this time will be starting at January 20 as summer school.
We`ll be looking forward for your arrival.

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2017 Iwate International Cram School 2th Winter School

◇Date:January 20(Saturday) 10:00~16:00
◇Avenue:Aiina 6F Group Activity Room2
◇Requirement:High-schooler、University student,etc
◇Registration fee:free

◇Summer school content
《Morning Part》
◆Program 1 10:00~12:00
Lecture「Make use of overseas experience」
Lecturer: Naoyuki Ishiku
   (National Hospital Shibukawa Medical Center Pediatrician)
Content:Introducing experience of how oversea experience affect current occupation.
 In order to challenge everything in our short life.....
《Afternoon Part》
◆Prgram 2 14:00~16:00
Communication skill lecture
Lecturer: James Hall
   (Iwate University Education Faculty English Edcation Associate professor)
Content: How one should think in order to learn English effectively. Along with English lesson.


With Phone or Fax, with your Name,School name/Occupation along with a title of Winter School registration if you are using mail.|
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