Easy Japanese language workshop

Host: Iwate International Association

2018.08.24 (Fri)   13: 30-16: 00, Place: Mario's 18th floor conference room 188

For foreigners who do not understand Japanese well, you can communicate with more clearly by using "friendly Japanese".
Professor Kazuyuki Sato, Hirosaki University, pioneer of gentle Japanese study at the time of disaster, In the 1st "General Guide", about the necessity of easy Japanese, its effectiveness, specific examples of utilization, etc.
In the 2nd "Exercises", we will practically learn the actual paraphrasing method.

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1st Easy Japanese - Outline -
◇ Lecturer: Mr. Kazuyuki Sato (Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hirosaki University)
◇ Date and time: August 24, 2018 (Fri) 13: 30-16: 00
◇ Place:Mario's 18th floor conference room 188
◇ Participation Fee: Free
◇ Application: ① Please let us know your name (phonetic), ② affiliation, ③ contact address (telephone number, e-mail) to Iwate International Association.

■ Application · Inquiries
Iwate International Association
1-7-1 Morioka Station Nishitetsu Morioka, Iwate Prefecture 020-0045
Aina 5F International Office
For inquiries by telephone or e-mail here ⇒ [[Contact us >> 5-3-contact]

The 2nd friendly Japanese - exercises
For those who took part in the first outline, this time will practically learn paraphrase for "friendly Japanese".
Application will be announced at the 1st workshop.
◇ Date and time: September 7, 2018 (Fri) 13: 00-16: 00
◇ Place: Iwate Prefectural People Information Center (AINA) within