Points to consider following 10 July

Iwate Prefecture


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Points to consider following 10 July

 Although no cases of infection have yet been confirmed in Iwate, the prefecture is not aiming for "zero cases".

 Our top priority is "to protect life and health". If you feel unwell due to fever or other symptoms, please consult with a medical~ institution to be seen by a doctor.

 After lifting the the state of emergency, increases in infections have been confirmed in Tokyo among other areas.
We ask that residents of Iwate, when traveling to an area where the infection is spreading, to please be careful and to follow the requests of~ the prefectural governor.

 If you have a fever or other symptoms, please refrain from traveling to other prefectures and from going out as we did previously.

 Socio-economic activities are continuing in Iwate as we work on infection countermeasures.

 The foundation of these preventative measures is to avoid coming into contact with respiratory droplets,
to avoid spreading droplets, and to avoid having droplets on our hands. However, in order for various people
to maintain these conditions while carrying out various activities, it is imperative that we make the necessary efforts and support one another.

 Citizens of Iwate, please continue to support your local economy while taking the appropriate preventative measures.
Let’s continue to support one another, and the efforts of all other prefectures.

 I would also ask all visitors to Iwate to cooperate with our citizens in implementing preventative measures.

Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ