A message from Governor Tasso during the 51st meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (March 4th)

Iwate prefecture

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Despite the fact that the new cases in Iwate does not appear to be multiplying, the number continues to remain at around 300 new cases daily.
Even this week, there are new clusters occurring in elementary schools, educational and child-care institutions, and also cases of spread of infection within households.
The state of infection in the prefecture is one where anyone at any time could become a close contact or infected themselves.

Please continue to enforce the basic infection control measures such as wearing masks even in the household especially when talking to the elderly and those with underlying conditions except children who find it difficult to do so, calling the relevant medical staff and making an appointment to see them as soon as you can if you feel slightly under the weather, and refraining from sending children with fevers or cold symptoms to school or childcare institutions.

We are working to provide medical care to each individual based on their symptoms, factors which increases the risk of severe infection such as age and existence of underlying medical conditions, and risk of spread of infection within the household. We are providing the appropriate level of medical care to the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions so that the impact on general medical services such as emergency care is minimal.

Regarding recuperating from home, a system is currently in place where health monitoring is conducted by medical institutions, public health centers and the Iwate Health Monitoring Support Center in order for people to be able to be promptly diagnosed when their health deteriorates. We are working in cooperation with the Iwate Medical Association and the Iwate Nursing Association to run this system.
The prefectural government is offering delivery of food supplies for those who need the support.
We will continue to work in cooperation with the relevant associations to ensure that the appropriate support is properly provided to enable those recuperating at home to do so comfortably.

With the end of the fiscal year, the beginning of the next fiscal year and spring holidays starting soon, there will be more opportunities for people to move and gather. In light of this, I once again ask for the reinforcement of basic infection control measures.

March 4th, 2022
Iwate Governor, Tasso Takuya