A message from Governor Tasso during the 53rd meeting
of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (March 29th)

Iwate prefecture

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Although last week’s case numbers are continuing to decrease when compared to the numbers from the week before, there are still a daily number of confirmed new cases above 200, so we are still in an unpredictable situation.

Last week on Monday March 21st, the Quasi-state of emergency has been lifted across the entire country.

Although there is a continued slow decrease in cases, there have been incidents in other low-case regions similar to Iwate Prefecture where the slow reduction of cases has instead started to flat line, or to increase again. The situation of corona virus spread varies from region to region.

There is an increase of situations where people are moving around as the fiscal year begins, such as going back to school, starting work, as well as gatherings with food involved such as welcome and send off parties and Hanami parties. With the case situation being as it is, there is concern that there will be another period of increased spread.

Some requests for the citizens of Iwate:
・Refrain from sending children to childcare facilities if they exhibit a fever or other such symptoms
・Excluding children who find it difficult to do so, everyone should be wearing a mask while talking with others, especially when talking to the elderly or those with underlying conditions, even when in the household.
・Wear a mask when talking even while eating together
・Please keep practicing basic corona virus prevention measures such as refraining from engaging in high risk activities when visiting other places.

There are a lot of chances to eat out with others this time of year, so when going to restaurants, using those that have been approved by the “Iwate Restaurant Safe Practices Certification System” is recommended.

We have extended the period for free PCR tests to those who are worried if they have been infected and for those who need a test to use services that require vaccine proof or corona virus testing.

We are now entering a time of the year where there is more movement and gathering of people. I ask for the proactive use of free PCR tests, and for the quick vaccination of those who wish to do so.

Compared to the peak number of new cases at beginning of March, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of new cases. I ask that everyone continue co operating with basic corona virus prevention measures as we enter into the new fiscal year where risk of infection is high, so the further decrease of new cases becomes a certainty.