【Event Report】6/4「Ethical and Fair Trade」Event

Iwate International Association

On Saturday June 4th, the "Sustainable Society and Fashion through Ethical and Fair Trade" event was held.
In the first half, we discussed the process of clothes making and the related social issues through quizzes and workshops. In the second half, Yayoi Delight Inc, a bedding manufacturer introduced sustainable production methods and the IWATE DOWN initiative.
From high school and university students to adults, a total of 33 people attended and gained knowledge from the event.

~Introducing thoughts of some of the participants!~
・I found out that within the process of making clothes, there are various environmental issues and impacts on developing countries.
・I feel we should decrease clothing loss like how we try to decrease food loss.
・I was really worried because this was my first time participating in a workshop, but it was very fun.
・It was a valuable experience because I was able to exchange opinions with people from different schools and generations.
・This event was an opportunity for me come face to face with the concept of ethical and sustainability, something that is often seen as a issue far away from home. I learned that Iwate is also undertaking steps towards sustainability and I felt that it is my duty to pass this on to the future generation.

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