【Event Report】Let's Talk About Singapore! Event

Iwate International Association

The “Let’s Talk about Singapore” Cultural Event with a native Singaporean was held on Saturday June 18th 2022.
We invited Sarah Chu, a Singaporean who is currently the Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) for Rikuzentakata City, to introduce Singapore to the local community.
21 people joined Sarah in learning about Singlish, Singaporean English through a short quiz and other fascinating things about Singapore only locals would know.

★Voices of the Participants★
・I was able to learn about Singlish, which I had never heard of until now, Singaporean food and the origins of the Merlion.
・I used to travel to Singapore a lot, so attending today’s event made me want to go again.
・Since Singapore is multicultural, the mix of languages was interesting. I’m glad I was able to hear about the food, education, climate and the last remaining village of Singapore.

The next cultural event with a native speaker is scheduled to be in August. We will provide more information once the details have been organized.

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