Multicultural coexistence community seminar -Creating a community along with foreigners

Host : Iwate International Association

2018.10.19 (Fri)    13: 30-16: 00, Venue:Aiina 6th floor Activities room 2・3

There is more than 6,500 foreigners living in Iwate right now.
Occasionally troubles may occur due to different lifestyle and culture.
On the other hand, getting in contact in other culture is part of the fun.
Accept different cultures, lifestyles and values,
Let's think about what kind of things is necessary for Japanese and foreign residents to work together to create a place that are easy to live with each other.

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◇ Lecturer: Gunma University · Professor, University Education Center Professor Megumi Yuuki
◇ Date and Time: Friday, October 19, 2018 13: 30-16: 00
◇ Venue: Iwate Prefectural Public Information Exchange Center Aiina 6th floor Activities room 2・3
◇ Application: Please contact Iwate International Association. If using e-mail or fax,
Please include "10/19 Seminar Registration" and let us know your name, E-mail or phone number.

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