A message from Governor Tasso during the 62nd meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (August 31st)

Iwate prefecture

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It has become possible for prefectural governments to review and make a decision on whether to change the current surveillance method of coronavirus cases. Iwate Prefecture has decided to continue to record and report on all cases while reducing the burden on medical facilities in order to support everyone who becomes infected.

We will support anyone who is deemed to be at risk of serious illness such as anyone over 65 or anyone who has underlying medical conditions while monitoring their condition by MY-HER-SYS or by phone via public health centers.

For those who are at low risk of serious illness, we will monitor their condition through My-HER-SYS, and if their condition worsens, we will support them through the “Iwate Health Follow-up Center” 24-hour service.

Also, in order to reduce the burden on medical facilities, we will simplify the process as much as possible by reducing the information needed to be entered into HER-SYS for anyone who is at low risk of serious illness to the bare minimum.

With all the aforementioned initiatives, we will focus on those who are at high risk of serious illness while continuing to support everyone who becomes infected.

Despite the fact that the number of new cases has been decreasing consecutively over the last 7 days when compared to last week, today’s number of 1301 cases still shows that the number of new cases remains at a high level.

A shortage of staff within the medical facilities can be seen due to the increase in number of healthcare workers quarantining at home due to becoming a close contact or infected as a result of the increase of cases within the prefecture. The spread of coronavirus is not just affecting coronavirus specific facilities, but also affecting general healthcare, including emergency healthcare, with non-urgent testing and surgeries delayed in some medical facilities.

Our healthcare workers are working very hard to protect the lives and health of the people of Iwate and every person’s infection control measures not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but also protects general healthcare.

I ask for everyone to continue to reinforce and practice infection control measures appropriate to the situation in order to further decrease the number of new cases in the prefecture.