Iwate International Association is recruiting New Supporting Members for 2019!
-New Membership Campaign!(until the end of June)-

Iwate International Association

2019.04.01 (Mon)   Campaign Period: until the end of June

If you become a Supporting Member within this Campaign period, you will receive a wonderful gift!!

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Membership application form click here

Iwate International Association is looking for supporting members who believe in the goals and objectives of the Association, and support its operations and events.
Membership dues paid by Supporting Members help fund events for the public throughout the prefecture, including international exchange,~ international cooperation, and multiculturalism.

●Annual Membership Fee●
 1. Individual:  一口  3,000 yen
 2. Student: 一口  1,000 yen
 3. Organization: 一口 10,000 yen
※Membership is on a recurring yearly basis; members are asked to renew membership every year.

●Membership Benefits●
1.Delivery of Iwate International Association publications.
2.Members will be the first to receive announcements from the international association.
3.Participation fee for association sponsored events and seminars will be discounted.
4.Members will receive an “Ethnic Restaurant Map.” upon showing your membership card you can receive special deals from participating stores.

5.Members will receive a “Travel Discount Map.” upon showing your membership card at participating stores, you can receive discounts on travel using select companies.
6.Members will receive tax benefits.

  (For individual members, a tax return of 400 yen will be refunded on the final return.)

●How to apply●
Fill out「Membership application form」、send it by mail, fax, or email, or bring it directly to the Association front desk.
then we will send you (or hand you) a bank transfer form that you will need in order to pay your membership dues.

For more information about the Supporting Members, please look at the following link、Iwate International Association - Supporting Members and Donations.

Iwate International Association
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