A message from Governor Tasso (June 16, 2021)

Iwate Prefecture

A message from Governor Tasso during a Joint-Press Conference with Morioka City (June 16, 2021)


Regarding the COVID-19 situation in Iwate, in the most recent week (as of June 16th), we have had 6.7 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, and our hospital bed usage is at 17.4% (61/350 beds occupied) of our prepared capacity. We are currently at around Stage II levels, where our healthcare system is not at a critically-stressed stage at the moment.

However, while there is no explosion of cases, in Morioka, the number of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in the last week is at 20 or more people and remains to be at a high level for days.

Due to this alarming situation, the Iwate Prefectural Government will work with the city of Morioka to place certain measures to contain the virus, such as conducting PCR tests in select regions or reinforcing the testing measures of the city’s Public Health Center.

As a measure for restaurants, the prefectural government will launch a new COVID-19 countermeasures approval system, which is scheduled to start at the end of this month.

In addition to restaurants being able to receive a \100,000 financial assistance should they be approved through this system, at the June Prefectural Assembly Regular Meeting,
I plan to suggest in the revised supplementary budget that the special premium meal tickets for “Iwate’s 2nd Go To Eat Campaign” will be applicable in these restaurants.

I would like to ask restaurant owners to implement virus countermeasures that will meet the standards of the prefectural approval system.

As for the vaccine administration progress, we have set up mass vaccination centers to speed up the vaccine roll out for the elderly population (65-years and above).
The centers will open as soon as this weekend, and reservations have opened starting yesterday so please take this time to get vaccinated.

As for the result of our screening process to detect the new variants, the Alpha variant type (commonly known as the UK variant) has surpassed the original type. Across the nation, the more infectious Delta variant type (commonly known as the Indian variant) has been confirmed in infected cases.

To prevent the spread of infections with these new variants, it is important not to increase the daily number of newly infected patients.

I would like to once again ask all residents to:
practice basic safety measures such as washing hands with soap and wearing masks frequently; avoid any social gathering that is at risk of the “Three C”’s overlapping, even if it only fits one or two of the criteria; and wear masks during conversation at business meals.

If you are feeling ill with symptoms like a high fever or a cough, please contact and consult with either your primary care/family doctor or the COVID-19 Consultation Center to visit a medical facility as soon as possible.

Should the virus spread even further or our healthcare system reaches a critical stage, then we may have to consider placing movement restrictive measures and other stringent measures by declaring our own state of emergency or manbо̄ measures.
To prevent that from happening, the prefectural government will work closely with the city of Morioka to contain the spread of the virus as soon as possible. In conjunction, I would like to ask all residents for their cooperation in practicing safety measures as thoroughly as possible.