Study Groups for Ancient Greek & Latin

Organizer: Bruce Wood

Is anyone interested in studying the New Testament in Ancient Greek
or Latin?

I am now forming study groups for :

  1. Beginners in Greek and Latin
  2. Advanced students in Greek and Latin

My name is Bruce Wood. I have a BA in Classical Studies from Wichita
State University and an MA in Classical Studies from The University
of Florida.

I have taught Latin at The University of Kansas, The University of
Florida, Florida International University and Ohio State University.
I have also tutored Greek and assisted in Greek courses at these same

I have been teaching English in Japan for eighteen years.

  1. Cost is free although donations are accepted!

  2. Times and locations will have to be arranged later depending on our various schedules.

  3. Contact me directly at iwatebuddy@gmail.com 

  4. Morioka Seisen Church at izc01647@nifty.com   -in Japanese