J.TEST Business Japanese Examination

J.TEST Group

◆Date of Examination July 8th (Sunay)Application Deadline June 20th
◆Date of Examination November 18th (Sunday)Application Deadline October 24th
◆Examination Fee  4,500¥  

【Exam Difficulty Level】 For those who have passed the JLPT N1 Test or the J.TEST with a score of 700 or above
【Examinees】 Those with high-level profiency of Japanese whose native language is not Japanese
【Objective】 Determination of business Japanese proficiency and reading comprehension of Japanese business-related documents
【How to Apply】 Apply online or download, print and mail the application form

J.TEST ・ J.TEST Office
URL http://j-test.jp/xp
TEL 03-3633-2212