Morioka Sansa Odori: Now Recruiting Students to Parade With the Taiwan Tourism Dance Troupe!

Morioka International Relations Association

2013.07.19 (Fri)   (Application deadline)

The Taiwan Tourism Dance Troupe, to pray that recovery happens quickly, will participate in Morioka Sansa Odori this year as well.
We are now recruiting student to enter the parade and lead the dance troupe♪

【Date】 August 1st , 2013 (Thurs) from 16:30 to about 18:30
【Gathering time】 16:30
【Gathering place】 Morioka City Hall main building(Uchimaru 12-2, Morioka), second floor elevator hall.
【Costumes】 We will contact participants afterward.
【Role】 Students will lead the Taiwan Tourism Dance Troupe while holding a horizontal banner or flags, and walk for about 30 minutes.
       Three people will hold the horizontal banner, and twelve people will each hold one flag.
【Number of students needed】 15 people.
【To apply】 Apply to the association by phone or email by July 19th, 2013
【Other】 Travel fee and a small souvenir from the Taiwanese government will be provided.
        We will contact participants with more details afterward.

Those who are interested, please contact Morioka International Relations Association!

■Morioka International Relations Association
Uchimaru 12-2, Morioka City