Organizer: JAPAN TENT Steering Committee

2015.07.10 (Fri)   (Apply by)

The 28th JAPAN TENT Program is an international event sponsored by various government agencies, private companies, and volunteer organizations. JAPAN TENT provides students from many countries with the poortunity to make new friends in a beautiful and relaxed setting.

Partticipants in the JAPAN TENT will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the old castle town of Kanazawa and the folklore of the Ishikawa countryside.

Participants will be able to directly interact with the people of Ishikawa, who are known for their sincerity and warm hospitality. We are sure that you will discover the "real" Japan here.

Transportation, participation and accommodation fees will be provided for free.
※In some circumstances, participants might be asked to pay public transportation fare from each home-stay household in Ishikawa to the designated meeting spot.

◇WHEN : August 20, 2015~August 26, 2015
◇WHERE : Kanazawa and the cities and towns of Ishikawa

For more information, please check the following URL.

JAPAN TENT HOT LINE: 076-260-3470 /FAX: 076-260-3469
Email: (@ is a small letter.)