Iwate Prefectural University Public Lecture 『The Future Of Iwate』

Host:Iwate Prefectural University

2016.07.23 (Sat)   23rd (Sat), 30th(Sat) July、6th August (Sat)

Takizawa campus is recruiting course students!
Everyone is welcome to join, so please invite your friends and family, or even feel free to join alone!

◇Date and time :23rd (Sat), 30th(Sat) July、6th August (Sat)
◇Location :Iwate Prefectural University Takizawa campus(〒020-0693 Takizawa Suko 152-52)
◇Fee:General 1,000 yen(You can join all 5 lectures. Free for high school students and below.)
◇Lecture content:

①『The creation of Iwate and Iwate Prefectural University』
 Iwate Prefectural University Alumni, Suzuki Atsuhito
『Involvement In Supporting A「Meaningful Life」』
 Nursing department Lecturer, Watanabe Yukie
『The Past, Present And Future Of Iwate Homespun』
 Morioka Vocational University Lecturer, Kikuchi Naoko
『Considering The Earth's Future From The Antartica』
 Tohoku University, Professor Emeritus, Mr. Hiroshi Fukunishi
『Utilizing ICT Created In Iwate Through Regional Cooperation』
 Software Information department Associate Professor, Horikawa Miyoshi

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