"Free-legal advice over the phone for foreign workers in Japan"

Organizer: Lawyers Network For Foreign Workers

2019.04.07 (Sun)   from 1pm to 6pm

Co-sponsored by the Foreigner Skills Trainee Problem Attorney Meeting,
a free telephone legal consultation for foreigners on labor issues
will be held in Tokyo,from 1pm to 6pm on Sunday April 7th.

◇Tokyo: 03-6427-5902
(Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Myanmar)

The service is open to all foreign workers living Japan and those supporting them!

Examples include
・The company doesn't cover you when you get hurt at work or during your commute.
・The company doesn't pay your salary or for overtime properly.
・The company fires you for no reason.
・Problems at work such as bullying, sexual harassment etc.

Lawyers Network For Foreign Workers
TEL: 03-6427-5902 HP:https://grb2012.wordpress.com