International Exchange and Cooperation - Study Abroad and Working Holiday

1.Study Abroad

You must have a solid plan in mind when you choose to study abroad. What country, what school, what course of study are all things that you must decide. In addition, there are various procedures and preparations that you yourself must complete in advance.

The Iwate International Association provides resources on study abroad, working holidays, and living abroad which are available for browsing or lending.

Please click the link here for information on materials available and borrowing procedures.

For Japanese nationals interested in studying abroad (outside of Japan) please read the Japanese language version of this page.

■Information on Studying in Japan

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
The JASSO website provides general information on studying abroad in Japan as well as information on scholarships.

The Asian Students Cultural Association
This site provides information to students coming from Asia to study in Japan. The same organization also runs the Japan Student Support website ( that contains information about daily life, schools, and scholarships.


If you would like to make an enquiry concerning any of the information above, please contact the organization directly.

■Viewing or Borrowing Materials

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