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■"Iwate International Exchange" Back Issues

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■ Iwate International Exchange 2014 Vol.79
(March 2016 issue)

● Contents ●

  1. Special Feature: When it comes to disaster contingency planning, Are we ready for the worst?
  2. -Featured Interview ( Professor Shuzo Koshino, Research Center for Regional Disaster Management, Iwate University)
  3. -How can we help foreigners who don’t know Japanese?
  4. -Easy Japanese Saves Foreigners
  5. -Let’s Make Disaster Prevention Handbooks and Emergency Supplies for our Home!
  6. Back cover: “World Connections!” ■Jennifer Wu from Australia
  1. Vol.77 Special Feature 1 Hey, listen! This is what I’m eating
  2. Vol.77 We’re doing our best! People Iwate Can Rely On
  3. Vol.78 Iwate International Association Activities in Fiscal 2015
  4. Supporting Member Benefits Information

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    ■ 2014 Iwate International Exchange Spring, Vol.76
    (Spring 2014 issue)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Special Feature - So Many Discoveries! – What's normal in Japan, yet unbelievable to the rest of the world
  2. Starting Now! The Association's Projects for 2014
  3. World Connections - Wait, Singaporeans like ramen? Surprising Japanese cuisine trends ■Chikanori Yoshida
  4. Back Cover: Supporting Members Sign-up Campaign!
  1. Special Feature - Is Your Country REALLY Like That?
  2. CLOSE UP - Iwate and Mongolia, Tied Together by Yurts – Lkhagvajav Munkhbat
  3. Eucalyptus Communications – Emiko Kitayama
  4. Foreign Fountain of Wisdom
  5. “Pekko” Language Trivia Corner
  6. Back cover: Ethnic Restaurant Gourmet Report

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    ■ 2013 Iwate International Exchange, Spring Vol.74
    (April 2013 issue)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Special Feature: Looking Back on the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
    Aid Activities of Foreign Residents and the International Association Since That Day
    3/11 By the Numbers – Foregin Residents and Iwate’s International Relations
  2. Close Up
    Bringing Joy to the Region with the Produce of Iwate
         João’s Kitchen Chatons: João Santos
    What it Means to Be an Iwatean
         Iwate Kenjinkai of Brazil: Hiroaki Chida
  3. Business Activity Plan and Financial Budget for Fiscal 2013
  1. Special Feature : How will the International Linear Collider change Iwate?
    Interview with Dr. Masato Murakami, President of Shibaura Institute of Technology
    Interview with Hisashi Odaira, Chief in charge of ILC Promotion in the Iwate Prefectural Government
  2. Special Feature :Bringing happiness back to the disaster-affected areas
    -- reconstruction aid that brings people together

    Overseas Experience For the Region's Reconstruction
    We Shall Not Waver – Community Development in Otsuchi
  3. Close Up
    To the Disaster-Affected Areas: New York is Thinking of You
    Bringing Joy to Children Through English
  4. Business Activities and Financial Status for Fiscal Year 2011

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    ■ 2012 Iwate International Exchange Vol.72 (March 2012)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Special Feature : Our Experiences on March 11 ~Foreigners Supporting the Reconstruction~
    Foreign Volunteers
    – The Activities of Tono Magokoro Net
    A Support Network That Grew Through Facebook
    Living For His Community
    Support as Varied as the Colors in the Rainbow
  2. Close Up 
    The Japan Association for Refugees
    Yamada International Association
  3. The Association Since Then
  4. Projects for 2012

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■ 2011 Iwate International Exchange  Vol.71 (September 2011)

● Contents ●

  1. Special Feature : Our Experiences on March 11 ~As Iwateans~
    Discussion Session Natural Disasters and Foreigners in Iwate
    The Iwate International Association During the Disaster
    Experiences of Foreign Residents on the Coast
    -Disaster at 7 months pregnant – and then comes baby  Misaki Kinno
    -I want to support all of Japan Victor Kochaphum
    -What I can do  Maria Teresa Hosoya
  2. Close Up 
    -A Place for Everyone, No Matter What  TEX-MEX Dining SUNDANCE
    -Linking Others Together The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines
  3. Summary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Affected Area Workshop Report
  4. Iwate International Association Project Report and Financial Status for 2010

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    ■ 2011 Iwate International Exchange Vol.70 (March 2011)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Hang in there, Iwate! Messages from Overseas   ▼ Part1(Japanese Edition)
  2. Special Feature : Within the Ordinary Everyday
    ~International Exchange and Multiculturalism in Iwate~
    -Round-Table Discussion Differences are Interesting!
     Munkhbat Lkhagvajav, Matsuyo Hodaka, Yoko Matsuoka
    -Understanding Others: Masanori Aihara
    -Adolescents Learning Japanese:Shin Furuya, Tomohiro Hojo  ▼ Part2(Japanese Edition)
    -Life Nurtured Near Anikawa:Chie Seki
    -To a Place that Connects People: Ken Minamoto
    -A Russian Living in Iwate:Dmitri Korobov
  3. Close Up   ▼ Part3(Japanese Edition)
    -The Wine That Brings Us Together Kuzumaki Kogen International Association
    -Iwate From Behind the Camera Keith Wyss
  4. 2010 One World Festa in Iwate

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    ■ 2010 Iwate International Exchange Vol.69 (March 2010)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Special Featrure 1:
    International Exchange Through Sports
    -From Iwate Straight to the World! (Hiroshi Sasaki:Hanamaki Higashi High School Baseball Coach)
    -Putting our Dreams in the Trees that become our Bats (Iwate Aodamo Growers Association)
    -International Exchange through Yachting (NPO Iwate Marine Field)
    -Crossing Swords, Knowing Love (The Exchange between Sister Cities Tono and Salerno)
    -Cricket Exchange Founded by Iwate Foreign Residents (Morioka Cricket Club)
  2. Special Featrure 2:
    The 20th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Iwate International Association
    -Anniversary Celebration, Anniversary Lecture, Cultural Exchange Party, Award Winners
  3. Close Up:Japanese Class "Ippo Ippo (Step by Step)

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    ■ 2009 Iwate International Exchange Vol.68 (March 2009)

    ● Contents ●

  1. Interview
    Kazuyoshi Fujita NPO Daichi wo Mamoru Kai, President
  2. Special Features:Fostering International Exchange Through Iwate's Food
    -Exporting Iwate's Food and Ingredient to the World ~Kiyoshi Nozawa, Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Iwate Prefecture
    -Mutually Recognizing Each Others' Food Culture ~Katsuyasu Nakamura, Nakamura-ya
    -Restart Trading with China Independently ~Kawabata Hidenori, Kawashu company
    -Selling Cast Iron Products Worldwide ~Kuniko Oikawa, OIGEN Foundry Co., Ltd
    -Quality Products to the World ~Akira Abe, Iwate Abe Flour Milling Company
    -Soba for the Region, and Contribution to the World ~Ryuji Ishiwata, Jyuwari Soba
    -Expanding Overseas - The ‘Nambu Tekki Euro Branding Project’
  3. Close UP :
    Connecting People with International Exchange ~Kishu Chiba

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