■ Regarding Language
   ■ Regarding Study at Schools and in the Area
   ■ Regarding our Association
   ■ Regarding Aiina
   ■ Things relevant to Foreigners living in Iwate
   ■ Things relevant to foreign travellers and visitors

■ Regarding Language

  1. Do you run English courses?
    Presently, we do not plan to run any English courses.

  2. Do you run Chinese courses?
    Presently, we do not plan to run any Chinese courses.

  3. Do you run Korean courses?
    Presently, we do not plan to run any Korean courses.

  4. I'd like to request an interpreter/translator.
    For business-related interpreting and translating, we suggest you seek the services of a interpreting or translating company.
    For interpreting and translating for the purpose of assisting foreigners living in Iwate, or for international exchange, etc., please contact our person in charge. 【⇒Contact】
    If you require interpreting sightseeing guides, please visit the Iwate Tourism Website - 【Interpreting Sightseeing Guides】

  5. I want someone to teach me Japanese
    There are a number of places within Iwate where you can learn Japanese.
    【⇒Japanese Classrooms(PDF:380KB)】

    We also have registered volunteer ‘Japanese Language Supporters’ who are experienced in teaching Japanese. We can pair you up with one, so if you cannot make it to one of the Japanese classrooms, please consider using our Japanese Language Supporters. 【⇒Japanese Study】

  6. Do you have any Japanese study materials?
    There are Japanese study materials in the Japanese Teaching Materials Room located in the International Exchange Center on 5F of Aiina.
    Aiina Members Card holders【⇒for details】 can borrow up to 5 books for up to 2 weeks. ~【⇒To search for materials (Aiina Catalogue Search System)】 

  7. Is there anywhere to study Japanese?
    There is space specially set aside for Japanese study in the International Exchange Center on the 5th floor of Aiina.
    Please see us at the front desk to use this space. 【⇒for details】

  8. I want to teach Japanese
    We are always looking for people to volunteer as our ‘Japanese Language Supporters’> If you have teaching qualifications or teaching experience, please register with us. 【⇒Japanese Language Supporter】

  9. I can speak another language, so is there anything I can do to help?

    Please register with our International Network and help by speaking at local events and lectures about foreign cultures, or by interpreting and translating, etc. 【⇒Iwate International Network】

■ Regarding Study at Schools and in the Area

  1. I'm looking for an instructor who can teach about foreign culture or cooking, etc.
    We can find an instructor that will meet your needs from out Iwate International Network. 【⇒Iwate International Network】
    【⇒Foreign Culture Instructor Dispatch】
    Please contact us for more details.【⇒Contact】

  2. I want to hold a workshop or class in International Understanding
    We are always happy to consult with you about your workshop’s outline, or the lending of teaching materials. Please contact us 【⇒Contact】

  3. I want to borrow a country’s flag and other items.
    We lend out items such as national flags for study and events. 【⇒International Exchange Center - loans】

■ Regarding our Association

  1. Do I have to be a Supporting Member to make use of your services?
    You can make use of our services even if you are not a Supporting Member.
    Becoming a Supporting Member means that you can receive news and information about upcoming events beforehand, and receive discounts on participation fees to certain events, etc.
    【⇒Supporting Members・Contributions】

  2. I can't speak a foreign language, but can I still become a supporting member?
    You can become a Supporting Member even if you don't speak a foreign language.
    Supporting Members help support the promotion of our Association as a citizen of the prefecture, and are not directly involved with any international exchange activity.
    The Supporting Member fees go toward supporting our international exchange activity, and that of other prefectural international exchange groups.
    There are also many benefits in becoming a Supporting Member.【⇒Supporting Memebers・Contributions】

■ Regarding Aiina

  1. I would like to visit Aiina. Please tell me how to get there.
    Please look at the 【Access Map】

  2. Does Aiina have a parking lot?
    Aiin does not have a parking lot itself. Instead, please use the parking lots nearby (Morioka Station West Exit Parking Lot, Malios multi-level Parking Lot, etc.)
    Please note the use of Aiina does not entitle you to a discount at these parking lots.

  3. Do you have conference rooms I can use?
    Please contact Aiina Management regarding using the facilities in Aiina on (tel) 019-606-1717【⇒Guide to facility hire in Aiina】
    Or, for information on facilities that registered NPOs can use, please contact the NPO Activity Center on (tel) 019-606-1760

■ Things relevant to Foreigners living in Iwate

  1. I want to talk to someone about my worries and troubles.
    Come to see us first for consultation.(tel) 019-654-8900

  2. I want to know about applying for residency
    On the Friday of every week, from 13:00~17:00, with the help of an Iwate Notary Public, we hold a 'Consultation Day for Foreigners'.
    Please contact us first (tel) 019-654-8900

■ Things relevant to foreign travellers and visitors

  1. Are there ATMs where I can use my foreign-issued credit card?
    ATMs at 7 Eleven convenience stores accept foreign cards. 【⇒Seven Bank Ltd. ATM】
    Also, Japan Post Bank ATMs will accept foreign cards.【⇒Japan Post Bank ATM】

    ※Depending on the machine and the card, there may be times when your transaction cannot be processed, so please check for details.

■Applications and Inquiries

Iwate International Association
Aiina5F 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori,
Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
Inquiry by phone or email ⇒ Contact