■ 2011 One World Festa in Iwate

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date-E.gif December 4th(Sun) 10:00~16:00
place-E.gif Aiina
 (Morioka Eki Nishi Dori 1-7-1, Morioka, Iwate 020-0045  【MAP】 )

         Information about the 2011 One World Festa is being posted on Facebook!
Even on the day of the Festa, the page will be updated with information about each event, our "thank you messages" to the world, and lots more!

■ Venue Map
■ Program

■ 4F Venue Map

■ 5F Venue Map

■ Program

festa-booth.gifForeign Country Booths × Exhibition of the Activities of International Exchange Organizations  [4F Iwate Citizen’s Plaza]
An event with around 25 different country culture booths run by foreigners living in Iwate. Welcome to our World Stamp Tour, where you can collect stamps from each booth while you interact with foreigners.
festa-eating.gifWorld Eating ~Becoming International Through Food!~  [5F Conference Room 501]
Find out facts and recipes from cuisines of various countries!
General admission: 500 yen, Supporting members: 100 yen
 (10% of the admission fee will go to reconstruction efforts).
Please bring your own chopsticks and cup ♪
Food tickets: Will be sold from 11 at the general reception booth
Admission: 2 systems (12:00, 13:00)
festa-cafe.gifFair Trade Cafe  [5F Conference Room 501]
Iwate University's FTI (Fair Trade Iwate) will be selling coffee and tea.
They will also introduce the recovery support activities in which fair trade was used.
festa-workshop.gif”Sekai wa Tomodachi” Workshops  [5F Meeting Room]
Let’s think about international understanding and multicultural societies.
■ Diego’s Story 10:00~11:30
■ Sohn Kee-chung’s Story 13:30~15:00
DVD showing by Amnesty International Japan 12:00~13:00
festa-showtime.gifWorld Showtime  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
■ 11:30~12:00 Hawaii’s Traditional Hula Dance (You can try it too!)
       Instructor: Eriko Nitta, Huilehua kahula hula school
■ 12:30~13:10 Arpa performance by Yoriko Hirayama
■ 13:10~13:40 South American Dance (You can try it too!)
       Instructor: Elizabeth Arihara
festa-costume.gifTry on Native Costumes  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
The costumes of China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Russia, Germany, Guatemala, Peru, Australia, Africa, Mid-East and so on.
※Please bring your Aiina Card or Personal ID card.
festa-thankyou.gifExhibit: Conveying “Thank You” to the World  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
This exhibit will display supporting messages from all over the world and messages of thanks from survivors. Let’s spread these messages from all over the world!
festa-santa.gifSanta Decoration Factory  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
Let’s make Christmas cards and Christmas tree ornaments!
festa-kids.gifChristmas Kids Land  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
■ Face painting、foreign picture book display
■ Storybook Reading
   (1) England 11:00~ (2) China 13:00~ (3) Mexico 15:00~
festa-understanding.gifInternational Understanding Educational Materials for Sale  [5F Internationa Exchange Center]
festa-unicef.gifUNICEF Goods for Sale  [4F Iwate Citizen’s Plaza] 
festa-call.gifFurusato Call – Make an international call to your native country (for free)!  [4F Iwate Citizen’s Plaza]
One person can speak to their friends and family in their home country for 5 minutes for no charge.
(Provided by Yuko Ryokosha, a distributor of NTT Communications)
festa-overseas.gifForeign Experiences and Study Abroad Seminar  [4F Aiina Studio]
Did you say foreign experiences and study abroad?! Have a listen to people’s experience overseas - study abroad, working holidays, and employment in international cooperation.
Please check here for more details.
festa-glocal.gifIwate Glocal College  [4F Aiina Studio]
The Strategies and Vision of Iwate Businesses that have Ventured Overseas
Lecturer: Akira Abe, President of Iwate Abe Flour Milling Company
Please check here for more details.

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