2019 One World Festa in Iwate

One World Festa, an international exchange event where anyone is welcome to join.
This year's One World Festa in Iwate will be held on the following date! Let's enjoy this international exchange event together!

◇Date and time:
2019, Nov 4(Mon)10:00-14:00 ※ Some programs are until 15:00
Aiina (Iwate Prefecture Citizen's Cultural Exchange Center)5F・6F・8F
■World Area
An area where you can interact with foreigners residing in the prefecture.
Cultural introductions, crafts corner, kids corner, etc...
■World Café & Lunch(11:00-15:00)
Discover drink and sweets from foreign countries, as well as delicious dishes made by a chef.
■Workshop “International Trade Game"(10:00~12:00)
Instructor IVY (Approved Specific NPO)
We will use a game to illustrate the inequalities of "International Trade" present in our global economy.
〇Capacity:30people *Reservation required.
〇Contact:JICA IWATE DESK (Ms. Kikuchi)
〇TEL:019-654-8900, Email:jicadpd-desk-iwateken@jica.go.jp
■Rugby World Cup 2019 Kamaishi "Thank you for your support" exhibition
■International Exchange Groups in Iwate Area
■Stamp Rally
■Special Service for supporting members
Supporting members of the International Association will get some foreign snacks at the café corner!
Please don't forget to bring your "Special ticket" at the café corner.

◇Joint Stamp Rally
The "One World Festa in Iwate" is joining up with similar international exchange events in Takizawa, Kitakami and Hanamaki!
Those who collect 3 or more stamps from participating venues will be entered into a raffle to win
one of the ten original Miffy plush toys from Miffy Café Kamaishi!
【Date and Venue】
〇2019 International Festival in TAKIZAWA
2019, Oct 13(Sun)/Takizawa Furusato Koryukan
〇One World Festa in KITAKAMI
2019, Nov 10(Sun)/Kitakami Shogai Gakushu Center
〇International Fair in HANAMAKI 2019
2019, Dec 1(Sun)/Hanamaki Koryu Kaikan

※ Iwate International Association 30th Anniversary Ceremony will be held on the same day(15:00~)