Information about Coronavirus

■ Regarding the use of the International Exchange Center[From May 11 (Mon)]  

From Monday, May 11, in order to use the International exchange center, you must make a reservation in advance.
This is to prevent the new coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.
The center’s lounge area and PC corner will continue to be unavailable to use.
If you would like to use the Japanese language class, Japanese language/ international exchange study corner and language study corner please make an appointment in advance by email or phone.
When you use International Exchange center, Please wear a mask.
If you have any difficulties, please contact us by phone or email

■ Inquiries 
  TEL:019-654-8900 E-mail Here

■ Information from Iwate Prefcture

■ Information for daily life

■ Troubles about working due to the new Corona virus (COVID-19)

□ Consultation for Foreigners

When you have troubles, come to the Iwate International Association for consultation. - Confidential and Free -
 TEL:019-654-8900 Time: 9:00~20:00(Everyday)

  • Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare COVID-19 Hotline
    Operation hours: 365 days
    (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese)
    For Thai: 9am to 6pm
    For Vietnamese: 10am to 7pm
    For all other languages: 9am to 9pm

    □ Consultation Hotlines/Centers in Iwate for Possible COVID-19 Cases

    Contact InformationWhen to consultTELFAXHours
    Consultation Center for Recent Arrivals and Those Exposed to People Confirmed to have COVID-19If you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, high fever, etc.019-651-3175 019-626-0837
    FAX sheet
    24 Hours(Daily) 
    Consultation Hotline/Center for Possible COVID-19 Cases in IwateGeneral inquiry regarding COVID-19 in Iwate019-629-6085 019-626-08379:00-21:00 (Daily)) 
    Ministry of Health. Labour, and Welfare Consultation Hotline/Center for Possible COVID-19 CasesGeneral inquiry regarding COVID-190120-565653
    (Free dial) 

    ■ Useful Information

      ※ 【Iwate Support Center for Foreign Residents】Information about Coronavirus(COVID-19)

    ■ Information about status of residence

    ■ About Corona Virus (COVID-19)

    ■ About Corona Virus【CLAIR】(1/31)

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