"Thanks" messages from visitors to the world

Iwate International Association

Messages of support from all over the world are on display, along with the words of thanks and gratitude received from devastated areas and from visitors to the One World Festa event held on 4th December 2011.
You can write your own message of thanks at the exhibition. (until 31st January 2012 International Exchange Center, 5F Aiina)

2011Display-thankyou01.jpg 2011Display-thankyou02.jpg 2011Display-thankyou03.jpg 

【"Thanks" messages from the visitors】

  1. Thank you for warm and supportive messages from all around the world!!
  2. To all people around the world “Thank you!!”
  3. Thank you for all (To all people around the world)
  4. Thanks for your support. I feel the warmth of your kindness and support.
    We will try our best to re-build our hometown and also to make it more beautiful place.
  5. Thank you, people of the world
  6. Thank you!
  7. I would like to say thanks to Asian kids who made a donation for us even if they are the under hard situation!
  8. When father and relatives had to move to temporary houses because their houses were washed away by tunami, we received relief supplies from so many countries including Turkey. I would like to express my appreciation for your support.