A message from Governor Tasso during the 70th meeting
of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (May 8th)

Iwate prefecture

【Japanese/日本語】 【Chinese/中文】

COVID-19 has changed in category to a common infectious disease, with this change the COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ will be dissolved.

Even after the Countermeasures HQ’s dissolution, the Iwate COVID Infectious Disease Council will be established to continue a unified response to infections within the prefecture.

Although COVID’s categorization has changed to common infectious disease, the prefecture will continue to maintain the health and medical system policies necessary for people here to protect their lives and health, and we have established systems to provide in and outpatient services at many medical facilities.

We will continue to provide services such as the Iwate Health Follow-up Center, which provides consultation for symptomatic patients and referrals to places to receive medical care, quarantine facilities for the elderly, and the testing of staff at elderly care facilities in accordance with the state of infection.

However, there will be no need for those who test positive to register their infection status or quarantine at home, therefore food support for those quarantining at home and quarantine facility support will end. Event restrictions will also be put to an end.

All of these changes will be posted to the Iwate Prefecture website for everyone to read.

I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to all the medical personnel who are still treating the people in Iwate to protect their lives and health, and to the nursing, social welfare, and educational personnel who are working hard to prevent infection in various places. I ask for your continued cooperation.

I ask again for everyone’s cooperation in practicing infection prevention measures appropriate to the situation.

Although the way of handling COVID-19 has changed starting today, that does not mean that COVID itself has disappeared. Let us move forward to the next step of participating in economic and societal activities in Iwate while following infection prevention measures appropriate to the situation.