To all foreign residents: Implementation of the new residency management system will begin by July 2012

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications

 ** The New Residency Management System for Foreign Residents Will be Starting! **

By July 2012, the Alien Registration System will be abolished, and the new system will be implemented.

■ Who will be subject to the new system?

The new residency management system will be applied to all foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for the mid- to long-term with resident status under the Immigration Control Act (hereinafter referred to as "mid- to long-term residents") and, moreover, foreign nationals who do not come under any of the following 1 through to 6.

1.Persons granted permission to stay for less than 3 months
2.Persons granted “Temporary Visitor“ status
3.Persons granted “Diplomat“ or “Official“ status
4.Persons recognized by Ministry of Justice ordinance as equivalent to the foreign nationals in the aforementioned (1) to (3)*
5.Special permanent residents
6.Persons with no resident status


・A new resident card will be issued
・The period of stay will be extended to a maximum of 5 years
・A special re-entry system will be introduced
・The alien registration system will be abolished

■ For a smooth transition to the new system...

Around May 2012, the municipality at which you are listed on the alien registration will prepare new provisional residence records for you. Eligible foreign residents will be informed on the items appearing on their provisional records and asked to make correction by the enforcement date if necessary

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