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■ いわて多文化子どもの学習支援ハンドブック

(2007) いわての多文化子どもの学習支援ハンドブック
Publisher: Iwate International Association & Committee of いわて多文化こどもの学習支援ハンドブック

This handbook provides examples on how to assist foreign children’s learning in Japan
and also provides examples on what foreign children’s parents should do to help their
children’s learning.


Full Document  「いわて多文化子どもの学習支援ハンドブック」 (PDF:3.67MB)

 (Part1)  ・ Foreign children in Iwate – the background and about learning (PDF:223KB)

 (Part2)  ・ When accepting foreign children into the school (PDF:343KB)

 (Part3)  ・ Examples of individual support - Assisting a foreign child in learning Japanese and studying the textbook (PDF:3.09MB)

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