Information about Coronavirus

■ Regarding the use of the International Exchange Center[From May 11 (Mon)]  

From Monday, May 11, in order to use the International exchange center, you must make a reservation in advance.
This is to prevent the new coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.
The center’s lounge area and PC corner will continue to be unavailable to use.
If you would like to use the Japanese language class, Japanese language/ international exchange study corner and language study corner please make an appointment in advance by email or phone.
When you use International Exchange center, Please wear a mask.
If you have any difficulties, please contact us by phone or email

■ Inquiries 
  TEL:019-654-8900 E-mail Here

■ Information from Iwate Prefcture

■ Information for daily life

■ Special Cash Payments.(The benefit will be 100,000 yen per person.)

Those who are registered with Basic Resident Registration System as of April 27 2020, could apply it.
For details, please click here (5/6)

5月20日に 日本のルールが かわりました。こちらから確認かくにんできます。【NPO法人多言語センターFACILホームページ】(掲載日:6/5)

■ Information about the Housing Security Benefit