International Exchange, Understanding and Cooperation - Multilingual Supporters

multi_languages_supporters-e.jpg Multilingual Supporters offer support to foreigners through interpretation and translation so that they can live a more comfortable life in Iwate.

   ▶ To become a Multilingual Supporter
   ▶ Kind of Support that Multilingual Supporters Provide
   ▶ Support Process
   ▶ Support Expense
   ▶ Training Seminars and Workshops for Multilingual Supporters
   ▶ Application Form
   ▶ Applications and Inquiries

■To Become a Multilingual Supporter

Conditions of Registration
 You must be living in Iwate, and be willing to provide support as a Multilingual Supporter.
 You need to be able to communicate in Japanese and another language.
 (Any nationality is acceptable. You do not require any qualifications.)

How to Register
 Upon filling in the prescribed application form, please email, FAX or hand deliver your application to us.

■ Kind of Support that Multilingual Supporters Provide

 You will provide interpretation and/or translation of matters in daily life of foreign residents
 (for example, in times of disaster, when seeking medical care, about education, and various
 procedures for everyday life). You may also interpret and/or translate at international exchange events.

For example…

  1. At evacuation centers and administrative offices in times of disaster
    Providing support for foreigners at evacuation centers, and providing interpretation at consultation desks established by government during times of earthquake, tsunami and flooding.
  2. At hospital
    Providing interpretation for medical examinations and filling out forms at the hospital.
  3. Regarding education
    Providing interpretation and/or translation to provide guardians of foreign children in elementary, junior high and high schools with information about Japanese education system, school rules and events.
  4. Regarding various procedures for everyday life
    Providing interpretation and/or translation for license renewal and transfer, and for infant checkups at the health center, etc.
  5. Regarding international exchange
    Assisting with the interpretation and/or translation for events related to international exchange and cooperation.

■ Support Process


When there is a request from a foreigner for support from a Multilingual Supporter, we will find a suitable Multilingual Supporter and contact them. Once the supporter agrees to the request, we will contact the requesting foreigner to let them know. After that the two parties should make contact with each other.
2. After the details of the request have been confirmed, the supporter will provide their assistance.
3. After the request has been completed, the person in charge at the association should be contacted.

■ Support Expenses

 As a general rule, the travel expenses incurred from providing the support should be covered
 by the person who made the request. The support should be provided free of charge.

■ Training Seminars and Workshops for Multilingual Supporters

 Occasionally, training seminars and workshops are held to provide knowledge, and improve the skills
 and ability of Multilingual Supporters. Those registered as a Multilingual Supporter will receive
 notification of these events by mail or email.
 Also, information is made available on our website, so please visit 'From the International Association'
 or 'Event Info' for more details.

■ Application Form: Multilingual Supporter Application Form

■Applications, Inquiries

Iwate International Association
Aiina 5th Floor 
1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
For inquiries via phone and e-mail see this link ⇒ Contact Information