Multilingual support during disasters “Brush-up Training”

Organized by: Iwate International Association

2019.09.14 (Sat)   8:20 - 17:30 
Tsunami Memorial Hall(Dai 16 chiwari-72-1 Unosumaicho, Kamaishi)

While visiting “Tsunami Memorial Hall” a place that shares lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake、
we will conduct a workshop to learn practically how to correspond with foreigners during a disaster.

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●Lecturer:Mr. Shuzo Koshino(Disaster Risk Management Advisor)
    Ms. Yoko Matsuoka(Iwate University Global Center Professor)
●Date and time : 2019, Sep 14(Sat) 8:20-17:30(Travel time included)
●Venue : Tsunami Memorial Hall(Dai 16 chiwari-72-1 Unosumaicho, Kamaishi)
※There is a shuttle bus from Aiina. Gathering straight at the facility is also possible.
●Target : anyone is welcome to join.
●Fee:free of charge
●Capacity:25(First come first served)
●How to apply : Please fill out the application form on the back or fill out the necessary information on the application form and submit it to the association by e-mail or fax. Application form(Word)
※Deadline: 2019, Sep 3(Tue)

8:20       Aiina 1F(Gather in front of Family Mart)
8:30       Depart from Aiina
10:30~12:00 Facility Tour
12:00~13:30  Lunch break
13:30~15:30  Workshop
15:30      Depart from Kamaishi
17:30      Arrive at Aiina

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