2nd International Concert 「音交知親」"Onko Chishin” – For You and For Me –

Organization: Iwate University International Exchange Circle U (Support: Iwate University Foreign Exchange Students Association)

2010.03.21 (Sun)   Place: 2F Convention Room, Iwate University Meeting Hall (the building with the co-op store)

Entrance Free

Students from Myanmar, Mongolia, Italy, Uighur, Honduras, China, Japan, and other regions of the world will play a selection of more than 10 songs, along with vocal and dance performances. (Even though they are only students, everyone is at a semi-pro level!)

With a rich international music program including Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World, ”traditional dance from the Uighur region, and Mongolian and Myanmar pop music, we are planning a night where there will be international understanding through music with our guests.

”Onko Chishin” is a Japanese phrase meaning “learning from the past”; however, in this case different characters are used, and the meaning has changed to, roughly, “Learning and becoming close (with one another) through exchange of music.”

Masamichi Okazaki
(A professor at the Iwate University International Exchange Center
 and advisor to Circle U)
TEL: 019-621-6734

Oikawa (Vice-representative of Circle U)
TEL: 080-1853-3714