9th Iwate UNICEF Gathering – UNICEF Activities Exchange and Film “Kodomo no Jokei – A Children’s Scene”

Organization: UNICEF Japan, Iwate Branch

2010.03.22 (Mon)   Place: 3F Hall, Plaza Odette, Morioka

It has been 10 years since the Iwate branch of UNICEF Japan has been formed. Eleven million children younger than the age of 5 died in 2001, the year the branch was formed, but now so many more children are protected - in the last year the number of deaths was reduced to a little under 9 million. However, there are still so many children carrying deep wounds in their hearts from the pain of war and natural disaster. Please join us while we exchange information about activities supporting UNICEF, and let’s think about what we can do for the children of the world.

・UNICEF 2009 Activities Exchange
 UNICEF picture story show and more...
・Film “Kodomo no Jokei – A Children’s Scene”
 The story of a six year old girl living in Bamyan, Afghanistan,
 a region torn apart by a war that has continued for more than 20 years.
 “I want to go to school.” A powerful film that relates 
 this little girl’s small adventure as a parable for our times,
 and really brings home the importance of adult influence on children.

Entrance Free
 If you are bringing small children with you,
 please use the Parent-Child Room (Oyako-shitsu).

UNICEF Japan Iwate Branch
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