Let's enjoy Russian cooking!

Sponsor: Japan-Eurasia Society Iwate Chapter

2010.12.19 (Sun)   13:30~16:30  Place: Aiina 6F Cooking Room

What better to have with the Maslenitsa festival that welcomes Russia's Spring than Russian Blini crepes.
This time, we will take blini and arrange it a little to make 'Blinchiki'.which is a blini made with various ingredients, wrapped and pan-fried.
We will make two kinds – sautéed minced meat, and the Russian favorite, mushroom and potato.

※We also welcome those who come just for the tasting

□ When: Sunday 19th, December, 2010
□ Where: Cooking Room, 6F Aiina
□ Menu: Blinchiki、Russian tea
□ Fee:  1000円 for materials
□ No. of places available 20
□ Closing date for applications: Dec. 15 (Sun)

■ Inquiries
  Japan-Eurasia Society Iwate Chapter
  Kamasawa TEL・FAX 019-622-9914
  Hirano TEL・FAX 019-661-0656