Let’s talk with Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in Iwate!

Sponsor : JOCA Iwate

2011.01.30 (Sun)   10:00~15:00  Place:Aiina 5F Iwate International Association Center

We will be preparing a space to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Please feel free to come along.

□ When: January 30th (Sunday) 13:00~15:00
□ Where: Aiina 5F Iwate International Association Lounge
(1-7-1 Morioka Station West, Morioka City)
□ Who: everybody welcome 
□ Fee: Free
□ How to apply: No booking required. ~ Join in at a time that suits you

This event will also be held on February 27th and March 27th 2011 (13:00 - 15:00)

⇒For more information about the Japan Overseas Cooperative Association, please check here.

■ Inquiries
 ・JOCA Iwate Naomi Yoshida 
 ・JICA Iwate Desk  Atsuko Kudo 
   TEL 019-654-8911 (direct line) FAX 019-654-8922